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Born June 24, 1939 in Lond.


Course in Dramatic Arts.

Actor in the following films:

      HEROSTRATUS by Don Levy 1956
      MICHAEL KOLHAAS  by Volker Schlondorff
      UP THE JUNCTION by Peter Collinson
      GINGER BREAD HOUSE by Curtis Harrington
      SCREAM SCREAM AGAIN by Gordon Hessler
      THE LAST VALLEY by James Clavell
      THE DEVILS by Ken Russell,
      with Oliver Reed and Vanessa Redgrave

He was discovered in HEROSTRATUS, Don Levy's very interesting film, in which he played the principal role.  His spectacular performance, which alternated moments of violence with lyric sequences done in very long takes, was noticed by Volker Schlondorff, who signed him for MICHEAL  KOLHAAS.

In this intense chronicle of a peasant revolt, Michael Gothard played the part of a young soldier who joined Kolhaas' band, but who, refusing to obey, looted for his own gain, anf finally died by handing.  His truculent performance, especially in the last scenes with Anita Pallenberg, earned him a very similar role in THE LAST VALLEY, James Clavell's ponderous allegory.

But it is in SCREAM, SCREAM AGAIN that film buffs were struck by Gothard.  In this fantastic modern tale, very reminiscent of Fritz Lang, Gothard plays a weird character, a vampire with fabulous power, created by Vincent Price.  During the course of a long chase across the Englosh countryside, beautifully filmed by director Gordon Hessler, he cuts his hand and dies in a vat of acid.

In Ken Russell's THE DEVILS he played an equally monstrous character, that of a young inquisitor drssed like a hippie, who brutally tortued Vanessa Redgrave.  Gothard seemed unable to get away from violence and savagery, but, fortunately, in THE VALLEY, Barbet Schroeder gives him a new kind of part, where he is not obliged to strangle, rape, torture or disembowel a half dozen people.