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Performance Details -
Antony and Cleopatra

Hack/Voytek, The Young Vic Company, April 1983 
"Voytek has provided a simple yet stunning design emblem to encompass the world of the play. This is a huge decapitated martial figure whose golden, spangled cloak of war spills down from above to provide a floor cloth. I was less happy with the winching of dead Antony up to Cleopatra's monument where celestial clouds and sunshine suggest a background to some iconographical medieval painting." Michael Coveney, Financial Times 25.4.83 
Opening Date: 22 April 1983 
Theatre: The Young Vic 
Theatre Company: The Young Vic Company

Cast - Antony and Cleopatra 
Michael Gothard Agrippa
John Boswall Alexas
Keith Baxter Antony
Emma Piper Charmian/Octavia
Judy Parfitt Cleopatra
David Marrick Decretas
Barry Stanton Enobarbus
Jeffrey Kissoon Eros/Sextus Pompeius
Joanna Lloyd Iris
Robert Morgan Menas
Brian Deacon Octavius
Stephen Lewis Scarus/Lepidus
Peter Polycarpou cast
Pippy Bradshaw costume
Voytek designer
Keith Hack director
Graham Large lighting
William Shakespeare playwright