Herostratus 1968 New York Times



A disillusioned poet decides that he has had enough of life and begins to plan his suicide. Rather than go quietly, he decides to make a "statement" by making it a media event in this ponderous drama. He heads straight for a public relations company and tells them that he is famous and from a wealthy family. A little investigation reveals that he is not only poor, but also a lousy writer. Still, news is news and they agree to publicize his death. Unfortuantely, on the appointed day, the poet finds someone waiting for him on the roof top. This person tries to convince the poet not to jump. A struggle ensues and the helpful fellow falls to his death. Later the poet runs wildly through the streets into the distance. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide


Michael Gothard - Max
Gabriella Licudi - Clio
Anthony Paul - Pointer
Peter Stephens - Farson
Malcolm Muggeridge - Himself
Helen Mirren


James Quinn - Producer
Alan Daiches - Story Author
Don Levy - Screenwriter, Producer, Editor, Director
Keith Allams - Cinematographer

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