Frankenstein - 1992


Filmed in Eastern Europe, this direct-to-cable adaptation of Mary Shelley's iconographic monster tale features Patrick Bergin as Victor Frankenstein, a medical genius obsessed with the secret of creating life, who uses a bizarre cloning apparatus to grow a complete human being (Randy Quaid) from his own cellular material. Though sensitive and intelligent, the rebellious humanoid is driven by a murderous rage against his creator, compelling him to destroy everything that he holds dear. Aside from the introduction of a psychic link between Victor and his monstrous genetic offspring -- a concept never satisfyingly explored -- this adaptation brings nothing particularly fresh or revolutionary to Shelley's novel. However, production values are admirably high and performances are superb throughout, particularly that of John Mills as the blind forest hermit who befriends the monster. ~ Cavett Binion, All Movie Guide


Ferdynand Matysik - Magistrate
John Mills - DeLacey
Lambert Wilson - Clerval
Timothy Stark - William
Randy Quaid - The Monster
Jacinta Mulcahy - Justine
Ronald Leigh-Hunt - Alphonse
Jon Laurimore - Sailor
Michael Gothard - Bosun
Fiona Gillies - Elizabeth
Vernon Dobtcheff - Chancellor
Patrick Bergin - Victor Frankenstein

Location: Poland and