Destroying Angel
Sleep Well My Love 1987
Acting Credits
Debra Beaumont - Siska Torot
Mark Burns - Siska's Father
Fiona Curzon - Siska's Mother
Michael Gothard - The Hitman
Norman Bowler - Tom Berto
Philip Bond
Carl Duering
Pedja Bjelac - The Stud
Lidija Jenko
Portoroz, Yugoslavia
Portoroz, Yugoslavia

Review Summary
In this somewhat tasteless romantic comedy, a feuding but very wealthy married couple are planning their divorce while relaxing at luxury hotels in Yugoslavia. The husband hires a hitman to kill his wife, while his adulterous wife is trying to persuade one of her many lovers to do her husband in. Should these attempted murders not succeed, the husband will have to give in to his wife's attempts to blackmail him for his long-time incestuous affair with his sixteen-year old daughter. Since the daughter has her own lethal romantic agenda, things don't go quite as planned. ~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide